Bob Grenier
Born in Santa Barbara CA. I've been playing my guitar since the age of 9
The bands I have played in:
The 4 B's
The Jokerz
Bottom Dollar Blues Band
NorthBound Train
Music has been my life not my paycheck. I enjoy music more than anything else. I work a day job. But my heart is in the music. I have been close to death in the past few years. That was an eye opener so I wrote these songs. I have written 45 tunes to date and now trying them out to the public at the Nashua Garden 121 Main St. Nashua NH.
I hope they take off and people really like them but if they don't well I had the most fun getting here. I have made a good friend in Fran Bradley. He is my right hand man. And lets me be me no matter what. I only hope I am doing the same for him. He compliments my voice and guitar playing perfectly. I look forward to sharing a tour bus with him.