Franski (right hand man)

Fran Bradley:  (AKA Franski)
Dedicated husband & family man. , Farther of three
Computer GEEK!! And of course right hand man.

I met Franski the end of July 1995. We were at Daddy's junky music. I was purchasing a Guitar (Acoustic) and was waiting for the sales person to rap it up when in comes Fran with his wife Clair. They headed toward the acoustic guitar room where I was playing yet another guitar.

Fran walks in and I notice he is wearing a Grateful Dead cap.
Hmmmmm! You play any Dead or just own that hat? I asked.
He looked at his wife briefly and replied YA RIGHT!!! I can do the dead I guess. So being the outgoing person I am I says to the guy. Well let me hear something!!!
Fran scans the wall of acoustics and picks a nice Silvertone. EEEEK!!!!!
As he starts to play a Dead tune. I think it was Jack Straw. I said Jesus hold on buddy. I grabbed a Kay guitar and started jammin with the dude. We were in there for a while playin and singin when I asked do you want to jam and get something going with me. Fran replied YA RIGHT! Sure! Of course he had to clear it with Clair first.
We got together early Aug. 1995 and the rest is history. 5+ years of touring with Fran in NorthBound Train the Dead Tribute band. We had a lot of fun and a lot of drummers. As you can see we are still together plugging away only now we don't do a shred of Dead. ( Clair is happier with that ) And we have a new line up. Come check Frans unique technique out at a show he won't let you down.